Hi! I'm Jen; wife to Rob, mum to two young children aged 6 and 4, founder of Little Acorn Games and the creator of Funny Fairies

As a young family, we love family board games! It’s as simple as that. For pure, simple, innocent fun with plenty of friendly banter thrown in, great board games for kids are our go-to thing. In fact, playing board games at any age is such a fun and sociable thing to do, no wonder they are growing in popularity! 

It is through this love of children's board games that I had the idea for Funny Fairies, and to try to get it out into the world, I founded my company Little Acorn Games Ltd

Our aim: to instil a love for family board games from an early age, to help children grow into life-long board game players!

Nothing beats family board games as a way of having fun together!


After playing some 90’s classics last Autumn with my then 5-year old daughter (‘Tummy Ache’ and ‘I’ve Created a Monster’ to be precise), I had that ‘lightbulb moment’ and the basic concept of Funny Fairies was born. By combining the card-based game-plays of these two family board games and adding to the fun with a couple of special cards and the all-important spinner (who doesn’t love a spinner?!), I felt I had thought up a children's board game that my little girl would enjoy, so I set to work making a home-drawn fairy version. Three months later (yes 3 months, there was a lot of rubbing out) and Funny Fairies was ready to play!

Our children loved it from the start, as did their cousins, friends, friends-of-friends...and I began to think I may have hit on something quite special. They loved the character-based game idea and quickly developed favourite cards which they hoped to pick up, adding to the excitement. Also, the more we played, the more ideas I had of how this children's board game could be extended to grow with the family and keep the fun going for longer. 

I felt I had happened upon a fresh approach to board games for kids; a game accessible to a wide age range with excellent play value through using extendable rules and a focus on fun whilst encouraging strategic thinking... I had to try to get it out into the world!

Funny Fairies is a bright and engaging children's board game!


Thanks to the hugely talented illustrator Ian Ward (www.ianrward.co.uk) and the brilliant designer Paul Benfield (www.guppimedia.com), Funny Fairies now consists of bright, engaging illustrations and professional eye-catching packaging.

I ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter ending 11th November 2019 to raise the funds needed for the first mass production run. 

You can now add Funny Fairies to your family board games collection here!

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to:

Ian Ward for the illustrations www.ianrward.co.uk 

Paul Benfield for the graphic design www.guppimedia.com

Their patience and hard work throughout have been hugely appreciated!


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