Spell practice at Fairy School is going hilariously wrong and the fairies need your help to get back to normal! Collect cards, use the magic spell spinner and avoid the cheeky Trixie Pixies to build your fairy and win the game!

How It Works

Funny Fairies is a fun children’s card-collecting board game with monster-slipper-wearing, giant-carrot-holding, bumblebee-costume-rocking fairies all trying to get back to normal after spell practice has gone hilariously wrong!

With 3 levels of play to introduce children to strategic thinking, Funny Fairies will entertain the family time and time again!

All levels are for 2-4 players. Level 1 is ideal for children age 3+, with Levels 2 and 3 designed to be introduced as they grow.

In a nutshell, the basic gameplay is to take it in turns to pick up a card from the draw pile and place it on the correct space on your board...


4 game boards to collect your cards


You each have your own game board, used to collect your cards and build your fairy.

20 'Normal Fairy' body part cards


'Normal Fairy' cards always replace 'Funny Fairy' cards on the game board in Levels 1 and 3.

15 'Funny Fairy' body part cards


'Funny Fairy' cards replace 'Normal Fairy' cards on the game board when playing Level 2's extended rule (see below).

6 Trixie Pixie cards


Take any one card from any player’s board to use on your own board

8 Fairy Spell Book cards


Spin the magic spell spinner

1 Magic spell spinner


Will your spell go right or wrong?!


Level 1 - Basic Game


The first player to build a complete ‘Normal Fairy’ on their board wins the game! 

Important: The colours of the outfits do not need to match in Level 1.

Level 2 - Use the Funny Fairies!


The aim of the game is still to be the first to complete a ‘Normal Fairy’ (again, the colours of the outfits do not need to match in Level 2). However, if a player firstly builds a complete ‘Funny Fairy’, they swap their entire board with any player of their choice. By choosing the player with the most ‘Normal Fairy’ cards on their board, they effectively leapfrog into the lead!

This level encourages children to be aware of how the game is developing and make decisions based on this; a player decides during the game whether to personally play the ‘Funny Fairy’ strategy or not and it is only going to be useful if they find themselves picking up lots of ‘Funny Fairy’ cards towards the beginning of the game.

Level 3 - Match the outfit colour!


The first player to build a complete ‘Normal Fairy’ of a certain coloured outfit on their board wins the game (each player’s colour must be different).

This level encourages children to think ahead to the consequences of their moves as lots of strategies to hold back other players from completing their fairies before you complete yours will become apparent as you play!

Will you try to trap someone’s much-needed card within the discard pile? Or even trap it on your own board? How about using Trixie Pixie to take away someone’s pink shoes even though you’re collecting the purple outfit?


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